G4 Pre Air Filter

Pre HVAC Air Filters

Dimensions and Techincal Data

G4 Air Filter Synthetic Media //Avg. Arrestance 92.2%
Width (mm) Height (mm) Depth (mm) Media Area (m^2)  Air Volume (m^3/h) Initial Pressure Drop (Pa)
592 592 48 0.72 3400 100
490 592 48 0.66 3000 100
287 592 48 0.36 1700 100
287 287 48 0.18 850 100

G4 Air Filters are pre-filtration for the comfortable indoor air. They are low cost and cleanable. G4 Air Filters are consist of multiple pleats, which provides low-pressure drop and consume less energy.  They are easy to handle and very light weight. Plus, on both sides, G4 Air Filters are backed with coated wire mesh to provide further support. Metal frames grant additional rigidness and give a robust performance.

On a special request, we can customize the sizes also.