HVAC Air Filters Products

Alumunim Mesh Type Metal Filter

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Aluminum Mesh Filters:

These Air Filters are consist of multiple layers of mesh. Rustproof and used for the coarse filtration. This product is used mostly where the environment has a heavy flow of coarse particles and dust. They are washable and Cleanable.

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Pre HVAC Air Filters
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G3 G4 Pre HVAC Air Filter Pleated Type Synthetic Fiber:

Low Cost Washable synthetic Fiber Pleated Air Filter. Aluminum Frame and compact size can provide a greater life and fine Pre Filtration.  G4 Air Filter can remove the 80% of 10-micron Particles. G4 usually use on an initial stage of the Air Filtration System.

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Hvac Pocket Filter Pakistan
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Pocket Type Bag Filters:

Pocket Type Air Filters are consist of superfine filtration media. Ranges start from G4 to F9 (Efficiency 30% to 99%). However, the V shape Bag Structure provides better airflow and low-pressure drop. Bag Filters performance is a stable and long life. Majority of the time they used before HEPA as pre-filter of HEPA. Widely used in ventilation and air conditioning system, laboratory, pharmacy, microelectronic, hospital, food industry, etc.

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Bag Filters:

Polyester Bag Filter used in multiple operations, including air and syrup filtration Mostly used in compressors. Filtering range from 1 micron to 10 microns.


Hvac Air Filters Pakistan
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HEPA Filters:

This rigid box type air filter consists of imported glass fiber media. Pleated design and separated with corrugated aluminum separator  HEPA Filter H13 to H16 99.99% Efficiency on 0.3 microns. HEPA Filters are used as a final Stage filter in a clean room system. Rugged Aluminum case with high power and temperature Sealants are used to prevent the leakage.

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Hvac Air Filters
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Spring Type Vibration Isolation:

From engine to pumps vibration of the machines can create noise pollution and shorten the life span of machines. DC can also provide you complete solution for vibration and noise. Our Spring isolators can bear Load ranges from 50 to 8,000 lbs. We offer a broad range of spring isolation mountings that will limit the transmission of vibration, impact, and noise over a variety of applications.

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