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Dynamic Controls HVAC Air Filters Pakistan

Dynamic Controls HVAC Air Filters Manufacturer Pakistan, we are the manufacturer of the HVAC (Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning)  Air Filters. We are in the market of Filtration for three decays and providing solutions for the indoor quality in Pakistan. Furthermore, our high-class raw material imported from the international markets including USA, Singapore, and China. Moreover, our streamline automated manufacturing and our Air Filters expert technicians, fabricate the Air Filters and produce a high-class product which meets the international ratings of HVAC Filtration.

As an HVAC Filtration manufacturer, we understand the economic factor is equally important when working with the budget. Our Air Filters are designed in a way that won’t cost the customer too much, and our experts can work along with the whole project completion. However, even when completing the project economically, Dynamic Controls don’t compromise on the quality either.

Similarly, Dynamic Controls also believe and understand the importance of the timely completion of the project. In addition, we are the only manufacturer of Air Filters in Pakistan, who can supply Air Filters on a very short period of time, subject to force majeure.

Not only this we can also provide after services if the customer needs any assistance. Plus, our Air Filters Technicians can visit the facility for the accurate sizes and expert advice for HVAC Filtration. In addition, we understand many customers required odd sizes, good thing we can design and customize the Air Filter according to the customer demand.

Furthermore, Dynamic Controls HVAC Air Filters is one stop for your filtration need. Where we can provide you all stages Air Filters Including Aluminum Mesh, G4/G3 Pre Filter, Pocket Type Bag Air Filters, HEPA mini Pleat Filters, HEPA Box Type with Separators Filters and Kitchen Hood Filters, etc.

Customer List:

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Hospitals
  • Energy Producers
  • Hotels
  • Shopping Malls
  • Universities
  • Clean Room Labs
  • Food Industry
  • AHU Manufacturer

“We also provide OEM branding services to the third party suppliers and contractors.”